Next Pitch Event is on Wednesday 30th October at The Adam Street Club, 9 Adam Street, London.

Eventbrite - Digital Entrepreneur Pitch Event, 30th October 2013

Pitch Schedule…

6pm until 6:20pm – Tony Pearce from GamesGRBBR

gamesGRABR is a social network for people that love games; available on mobile, tablet and PC. gamesGRABR gives the user the ability to discover, collect and play the games they love. The website is developed in a contemporary ‘pinboard-style’ interface allowing the user to curate their own collections, discover, engage, play and share them with other users with similar interests. – [email protected]

6:20pm to 6:40pm – Nick Tong from Compare and Share

Compare and Share (C&S) is a provider of technology-based solutions for asset-sharing, enabling consumers and companies to access and exploit the world’s under-used assets. Asset-sharing is a growing trend increasingly being referred to as the “Sharing Economy”. They are uniquely positioned to exploit this opportunity by aggregating sites like Zipcar and Airbnb on one platform alongside solutions to help companies maximise their unused resources. –
[email protected]

Eventbrite - Digital Entrepreneur Pitch Event, 30th October 2013

“I received investment for FabFob from members of Digital Entrepreneur following a pitch in May 2013 and as a result managed to get a retail wireless keyfinder prototype produced and launched at Marketing Week Live in June 2013 – the show was a huge success for us with amongst other opportunities a quotation for 1.3 million units for a household brand now in the pipeline.”

Nick Brummitt – Founder of FabFob

“We enjoyed a favourable response after the Digital Entrepreneur Pitch event held in July 2013. Two weeks later & after many calls, emails & meetings we secured investment.”

The investment forms part of our overall ‘seed’ fund target. The money is to be used collectively with other funds raised to provide a runway to take Bubbles through to next year & our intention to raise a major sum as part of our ‘Early Stage’ phase.

My best advice to anyone seeking funds is to accept every opportunity offered. You may not succeed in finding an investor – directly – but pitching ‘live’ and to an experienced and critical audience is immeasurable in routing out weaknesses in a presentation.

Finally, thanks to pitching at another event where I ‘sucked’ I met an amazing start-up entrepreneur who I learned from & whom in turn hooked me up with Duncan Gledhill at Digital Entrepreneur.

Julian Fisher – Founder of Bubbles