Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes again.  Why am I so keen for you to go into business on your own?  Because being your own boss is a fundamental law of Independence.  Imagine, back in the stone age when we were all running around with clubs looking for dinner – you were a handsome fellow, you were successful, you tracked silently and struck with deadly force, you were an exceptional hunter/gatherer.

Then however, some clever caveman spotted you, came over the rocks and suggested that instead of you tracking and killing that deer on your own, you do it together with his team and in return you could take a small part of that deer home with you for dinner.

“No”, you said, I am a hunter/gatherer, I can kill my own Deer.  OK, but you have to go out every night whereas if you worked for me then you could take weekends off.

“No”, you said.  OK, but I will guarantee you deer meat every day regardless of how many you kill.

“No”, you said.  OK, well if you work for me until you are 65, I will continue giving you deer meat until you die.

“No”, you said.  OK, well instead of me giving you deer meat I will give you Gold that you can spend on anything, not just deer meat.

“Yes”, you said.  And that was 78% of the rest of your life mapped out.

Admittedly, this was a tough one but if you are reading this then you have a creeping feeling that all is not well working for “clever caveman” and that you are not answering your true calling.

Perhaps you fear failing?  That’s fine, in fact that is good, embrace that fear because it shows you are on the road to change.  And change is good!