In this busy digital world I am often asked which hosting company I use – this is not something I have actually answered on my blog however.

Over the years I have used many different suppliers but have settled on Bluehost as my preferred hosting company for a variety of reasons – primarily because they are cost effective  and secoundly because they are reliable.  What more do you want from a supplier I ask?

Many hosting companies do offer excellent reliability levels and some are probably more cost effective than Bluehost, so why don’t I switch?  Well, Bluehost offer a range of services all under one roof – for example, easy to install scripts – this was my biggest bug bear – but now I can log in to my Bluehost control panel, register a domain – assign it to my Bluehost account and install wordpress with just a few ticks and clicks.  That gives me a functioning wordpress site within 20 minutes (at the most).

I can also register domain names and just leave them until later which is nice – as a digital entrepreneur I would however like to be able to register domain names from my iPhone (on the go) so, Bluehost, if you are listening – get that app built!

There are plenty of other scripts and features but for now these are the ones I use the most.  I have used their technical support team a few times and on each occasion I have received a response quickly and been able to get out of trouble – only on one occasion did I get well and truly stuck but this was down to the plugin I was trying to install on the server and not the service.


Well done bluehost and thank you.