The applications I use most at work are for work and nothing else.

I do not fill my computer full of junk because it then breaks and stops me from doing my work. I do not go to Facebook on it (unless it is for work) and I do not upload pics from my smartphone to it. This means that my machine performs the functions it is mean’t to, no more, no less.

Camtasia Studio is a software solution that works incredibly well but I dare say would not work at all if I had a load of rubbish clogging up my computer. It requires resources to work smoothly.

But once loaded up I can use it to record software demonstrations – then add in audio and finally publish. I like it because it is simple to use and I like simple stuff. Oh, it is free like most of the other stuff I review on this site.

Camtasia allows the user to record what is actually happening on the computer screen – whether that be a software application you are demonstrating or a Skype video chat – I am even using it to record the interviews we conduct for digital entrepreneur.