I recently began looking at how we take customer credit card payments and quickly realised that a couple of days of work might save our company book keeper a heap of time.

I called up WorldPay (one of our providers) expecting to be waiting around for ages before talking to some disillusioned off-shore call centre worker on a peanut salary and some incredibly inadequate scripts, but was very pleasantly surprised at what exactly did happen.

I browsed to their website, selected the SME section or similar then clicked through for a telephone number in the contact us section – I then hung around a little while pressing digits on my telephone keypad until I got through to someone. Straight off the bat, this guy asked me how I was but actually sounded quite sincere almost as though he had been waiting for my call, in an empty room, years of training but no one to help.

I slipped in to auto-pilot and began explaining my issue expecting him to loose all hope quickly and send me a mind numbing PDF but instead he was full of information, exactly the information I needed – he spoke clearly and his instructions were very good. When I skipped forward he skipped forward, when I slowed down, he slowed down, when I got it, he applauded – I felt like grade A student.

To who ever you are at WorldPay, well done – you made my day, you saved me time, you helped my book keeper and best of all – what you said worked!