When registering for Google Apps you may have inadvertently signed up to Google Apps Premium Version – this is an excellent service that offers a variety of services that are very cost effective however, if like me you don’t require these services then you can downgrade your Google Apps account to the free version by following the steps below:

1 – Login to your Google Mail account.
2 – Select from the cog image “settings” on the right “Manage this Domain”
3 – Select “Domain Settings” from the tab menu at the top
4 – Select the “Subscriptions & Billing” tab
5 – Click the “Cancel Google Apps for Business” link
(If you have more than 10 users this will not be an option)
6 – Click “Yes, cancel the free trial”

Once you have completed this process you will find that your Google Apps account is restored completely but with out the following services:

1 – Email storage will be downgraded to Google Apps limits per user account.
2 – Existing email archives will be stored by Google. Users exceeding their storage limit cannot send or receive new mail.
3 – Some advanced tools such as migration and API access will no longer be available.

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