I browsed a LinkedIn profile yesterday and on the home page was an “infographic”- if you have heard of inforgraphics and are currently using them, great – if not, then you should take a look. If you are geeky or creative you will like them, a lot.

An Infographic is a graphical representation of information. When several infographics are then brought together on a single page the viewer can gain a good understanding of your information quickly and easily.

This might benefit a LinkedIn profile where you are trying to show information about yourself such as your age, number of clients you have, number of big deals you have completed, percentage of blue chip companies you have worked with and so on.

A website that gives some examples of good inforgraphics I found on the web last night is as follows:


Please share back with me an examples of your own as I am now building a few and would like to see as many examples as possible.

D.M.W. Gledhill