A 30 minute blab interview with Andy Mindel discussing Digital Entrepreneur, Wordtracker and Mailflow.

Andy Mindel co-founded Wordtracker in the late nineties – Wordtracker became an internet sensation with thousands of users from all around the world subscribing to use its cutting edge SEO service, it still operates today to help organisations and individuals work out what search terms are important to them.  More recently Andy and his brother and business partner Mike Mindel have been focusing on Mailflow.com – a marketing automation solution designed from the ground up with style and ease of use in mind by the same team that brought us Wordtracker.

A frequent networker, Andy explains the difference between traditional networking events and the events organised by Digital Entrepreneur and how meeting the same people each month helps build trust and more often than not, long-term friendships.

Many thanks for your time today Andy

To get in touch with Andy you can follow him on twitter @andymindel – for a closer look at Mailflow use http://www.mailflow.com and for Wordtracker use http://www.wordtracker.com.