Like everyone else I first heard of Twitter years ago and realised quite quickly how effective it could be if used correctly but was just too busy to look too closely, I created an account – dropped the icon on to my website and left it.

I could have and should have made more use of it – this is why?

If you are unsure about how Twitter could help your business then take a look at this example: David owns Davids Cars, a garage selling secound hand cars. Across the road from his garage is Bob, Bob owns Bobs Cars. Bob and David compete with each other.

A year ago David created a Twitter account for Davids Cars and began tweeting every time a new car came on to the forecourt. He told everyone that came to the garage looking for a particular type of car, that if he did not have it in stock, then to follow him on Twitter as he may have something similar come in over the next few weeks and that would be the easiest way to stay informed.

As the weeks passed, David gained dozens of followers, over 4 months this became hundreds of followers. Now, when David is out buying vehicles he tweets the make and model of the vehicle he is looking to buy and immediately receives 2 to 3 enquiries by telephone. Twitter changed the nature of Davids business, reduced the time it takes to sell vehicles and increased revenues.

All the while, Bob looks on from across the road wondering why David is selling more vehicles than ever whilst still getting the same footfall to his garage forecourt.

Twitter allows us to keep our prospects and customers informed in real time – with retweets it also becomes a viral channel, with replies it becomes a many to one channel. All of which are good for business.