Webinar has been a buzz word for so many digital entrepreneurs over the last few years but I never thought I had the right content to put it in to reality for myself – until now.

In September, I met a vet at Adtech who is generating in excess of £1M per annum from webinars.

He runs a subscription site that provides members (mostly other vets from around the world) with access to high quality video content so that they can learn a variety of things including new techniques.  His international audience would normally struggle to come across this volume of rich content and so having access to it online 24/7 is not only easy but makes sense financially as well.

My trusty web guy, Jatinder from BigFanta suggested I take a look at Evergreen Business Systems  – live webinar software – 10 minutes into their video and I was hooked, it was as though they were reading my mind.  Their software makes people think that the webinar is live, which is fine with me and hooks up with sequential autoresponders like eBizac which is my preferred choice but it links with others as well including Aweber .

I had my hand in my digital wallet before I was half way through and by the end I was going quite insane – you will see what I mean when you take a look.