I love my job – tickets for the #MclarenDinner on the 27th October are now available here

Really, I race to my desk in the morning and stay late into the evening.  This is because my job includes 4 of my fundamental passions in my life – meeting people, playing with technology, eating good food and as of late travelling around the world – #NYC #DigiDinner.

There are days when I not only love my job but I become almost deliriously happy with it – too happy perhaps – and today is one of those days.

At the last #IotDinner which we referred to as the #TeslaDinner the experience was somewhat outstanding.  Not only did we have a great meal but we were treated like royalty by Tesla Motors out in West Drayton, London and in return for such a warm welcome our #TeslaDinner tweets were seen by over 250,000 people and appeared on over 1.1 million timelines. Whilst putting the #TeslaDinner together however I began to look around at other auto-manufacturers that had also looked in to #IoT and found many but the more I looked the more I felt I was missing something – something hiding in the shadows.  Whilst Tesla is at the bleeding edge who started it all? I know it wasn’t Tesla, comparatively speaking they are still toddlers in auto manufacturing – I then realised suddenly remembered in a meeting that McLaren had used a modem to sync with their first McLaren F1 Supercar back in 1992 – that is over 20 years ago!

I contacted a close friend, Euan Hankey – Porsche Carrera Cup driver and consultant for McLaren – he introduced me to Daniel Hotchin, regional events manager for McLaren Automotive Limited.  Daniel put me in touch with David Richmond at McLaren London – whom I met with last week – we talked about the #TeslaDinner and I explained how each #DigiDinner worked – finally after a rather formal meeting David offered to let me host the October #IoTDinner in the McLaren London showroom.

McLarenDinnerMcLaren pioneered automotive #IoT before it was even defined as #IoT and the people that did it, did it in the run up to the launch of the McLaren F1 Supercar in 1992 – when I mentioned to David that we often asked technical questions, and would he be ok with this he squirmed in his seat just a little before suggesting instead that he invite a colleague to join us – Ben Bradford worked on the original team that delivered the F1 in 1992 – I am sure any questions we have Ben can answer.  Yes, David – Ben will do just fine.  In fact whilst we are at it why don’t we reach for the stars and invite Euan along to make it a very special night indeed. (not heard back yet)

So, now we have the technology and venue in place the only thing left to do was ask Christoffer Hruskova if he would be free on the 27th to prepare us a meal to remember and whether or not he could actually do it in the space available.  After a few minutes thinking about the logistics, Chris confirmed he could do the meal and suddenly everything came together.  The October #IoTDinner would actually be happening at McLaren London.

If you would like to join us please use the following link: #McLarenDinner to book your ticket – be quick however, the #TeslaDinner sold out in less than a week and I have a feeling that the #McLarenDinner will sell out just as fast.