In the beginning I was pure PC – PC this, PC that. I fought against the iMac arguing that the PC handled serious tasks far more effectively. I fought against the iMac when it came to the flexibility of the Windows platform. I fought against the trend right up until the iPad launched – weakened by the idea I could have a browser on my knee that was far more knee friendly than a laptop I found myself enjoying the user interface.

I liked the fact that the iPad was always on, that apps loaded really quickly and that I could browse from virtually anywhere.

After a while I realised it was just a big iPhone but without the phone bit and so when my mobile contract expired I moved to an iPhone and was impressed by the whole experience from the box it came it to the satisfyingly clunky action sounds it makes.

The only thing that was missing was the home PC so I bought an iMac and parked it in the dining room, showed the wife and kids how to open up Safari and watched as they made the change in minutes to what is a completely different computer.

Now that my iMac was syncing with my iPad and my iPhone I realised I needed a MacBook so that I could work on the run instead of from my knee – I got confused with the whole syncing thing having 2 computers but eventually decided to use the iMac as a master and my laptop to just charge.

My most recent acquisition is an Apple TV sat under my widescreen TV in the lounge that turns my iMac into a media server and gives me access to all the movies and music I buy from iTunes – my next acquisition will be an Apple TV for the bedroom and so on.

I have had issues turning the ship around but nothing so serious I have had to drop out. I do feel a bit walled in sometimes but thanks to the app store not so much that I feel I have to break out.

Thanks Steve – RIP –