How cool is Skype for business? Some think it is Gods gift to the internet, others think it is no more useful than a door with no hinges. I have used Skype for years because it is both practical and cheap – both of which mean it is perfect for an SME. It is very easy to setup, simply go to and sign up for an account, go buy a head set and voila, you can now make free calls to other people using skype. Yes, free. Don’t forget to add your skype address to your email signature.

But what about those of us wanting to dial normal people on normal numbers? No worries, you can subscribe to a monthly contract with Skype and call standard landlines for similar rates to those you would pay with any other traditional provider. The only snag with Skype is that you have to have a decent internet connection and for that you need a telephone line and with a telephone line comes the dreaded line rental. But if you are piggy backing on another broadband connection in the office, then you save this cost.

Some nice business tracks with Skype are as follows: Because it is a virtual software solution you can log into it from anywhere where you have it installed and an internet connection. Multiple people can log in to the same account – making it easy to share incoming call pick up. For very little money you can buy a landline telephone number and have calls to that number routed through to your Skype account.