Speaking at a DigiDinner

Thinking about speaking at a DigiDinner? You’re in good company, since 2010 I’ve been fortunate enough to have had speakers from companies including Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft and many others attend and speak on a wide variety of different topics. So, whether you’re a brand ambassador looking to get the word out about your progress in a specific field, an expert looking to build your own personal brand and grow your network or maybe a bit of both, a DigiDinner can give you access to an audience that really values your time and expertise.

What is a DigiDinner?

Our London DigiDinner is a small, private dinner for entrepreneurial thinkers with a focus in the digital space. All DigiDinners are run by Digital Entrepreneur Limited and hosted by me, Duncan Gledhill. I have also organised and hosted DigiDinners in New York, Dubai, Warsaw and Berlin but London is our true home and therefore hosts DigiDnners monthly.

Tell me about the audience?

As above, I try to keep the DigiDinner small and intimate, so between 8 and 12 people in total however in certain circumstances the total number of guests can be as high as 30. Whilst this will be the audience in the room, we also live stream select events to our Facebook Group with approximately 1,000 members and will of course add you to our WhatsApp group of approximately 50 contacts.

A few pictures from previous DigiDinners

Simon Dixon (Founder of Bank to the Future) pitching for seed funding on the 30th October 2013. (Since 2013, Bank to the Future has gone on to help FinTech & Crypto companies raise over $1.7B).

Below is a picture of Gold Medalist, Joe Clarke coming back to the London DigiDinner following his win at the 2016 Olympics on the 14th November 2016.

Below is a picture of the DigiDinner hosted in the McLaren showroom at one Knightsbridge, London on the 27th October 2015. Yes, we managed to fit a table in to the showroom and were lucky enough to be joined by members of the McLaren engineering team.

Peter Scott (ex NASA) opening the AI Dinner in London on the 20th March 2019. Such a great DigiDinner…

So many other DigiDinners, far too many to go though here but I’m sure you get the idea. Over the years we must have done well over a hundred.

What can speakers speak about?

It’s entirely up to you – if you’ve been working on something innovative such as an app, service or process then tell us about that, if you are pitching for funding, show us your pitch. So long as you talk about something related to the theme of the DigiDinner, I’m happy. Speakers do typically bring along presentations and we have a nice large screen/projector with audio hookup that you can use.

You are invited to talk on any theme related to the DigiDinner – for instance, if you’re looking to talk at the AI Dinner then you could speak on any topic related to AI such as Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, etc…

You can speak for as long as you wish but don’t forget to leave room for questions and answers. You will of course be eating with us so talks are typically broken up a little so that you have time to eat.

What is the Audience Profile?

Typical split of around 60% male and 40% female.  Mostly business owners and senior decision makers of UK companies across a variety of sectors with up to 300 employees.

How it works?

DigiDinners typically start at around 7pm and finish at 9pm to allow people time to get train links home. Speakers are invited to arrive from 6:30 in order to setup – full audio/video provided.

We use venues in Central London for ease of access.

If you would like to speak at a DigiDinner or have been invited to speak at a DigiDinner and have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on +447971097526 for more information.

Best wishes

Duncan Gledhill