Having lived in the US for 6 years I understand the cultural differences between these 2 great countries – I can also spot the business models that work in the US and can be easily transferred here to the UK – here is one that you might like if you are looking to start up on your own.

I worked as a Purchasing Manager for one of the largest Country Clubs on the East Coast, my job was to purchase millions of dollars worth of food and beverages every year, check it as it arrived and negotiate with suppliers where possible to get the best value for the club.

I reported directly to the Country Club Manager, a very well paid man indeed – in excess of $100K per year.

Oddly however, my manager also ran a catering business from home and would often work late into the evenings and at weekends. I eventually asked why he spent all his spare time doing this when he obviously earned enough in his day job to live very comfortably indeed – he told me that he enjoyed it and that the money was very good.

I have looked around the US for some sort of guide to use and think this is the best I have come across so far – unfortunately I can not give it away for free as it is not mine but if you would like to take a read it works out to a few pounds to download a digital version – well worth it I think – to take a closer look Click Here!