Twitter Ads is now available to SME’s in the UK and Ireland.

If you have a Twitter account (like me) then you should receive an email introducing you to Twitter Ads with a link “Start Advertising”.

To proceed, click on this link and then enter your password – if you are already logged in to Twitter it should auto fill your U/N – then hit “Sign In”

Twitter Ads Page 1

Twitter Ads Page 1 of the process

Hit “Get Started”

Twitter Ads Page 2 in the process

Twitter Ads Page 2

Choose your country and timezone then hit “Permanently save these settings”.

You now have 2 choices – either Promote your Tweets or Promote your Account

Twitter Ads Page 3

Twitter Ads Page 3

Lets start with “New Promoted Tweets Campaign”

Enter a name for your campaign and when you want the campaign to start – either immediately or with a customised start/end date.

Then decide between a keywords or interest and Followers campaign – a keywords campaign displays to users when they use a specific keywords in their tweets or searches.  Interest and followers targets people with specific interests

Lets select “Keywords” as the primary method of targeting our Twitter Ad.

Enter the keyword you are interested or (for people used to PPC keyword bidding) you can hit the “Import Multiple Keywords” button to upload a list.

You can expand your selection by clicking “Expand your Reach” but be careful as this can generate a high volume of traffic that does not convert as well as the original keyword.

Choose all the locations you want to reach – enter the word “London” for example, then wait a mo and “London” should appear as a drop down, select this and it should now be included as a Metro Area (American term for local area)

You also have additional targeting options to focus in on where your Tweet appears, which devices they appear on and by gender.

Scroll down and use the radio button to select the Tweet you want to sponsor  or better still create a new Tweet specifically for your campaign (then click on Limited Delivery Tweet, it should then appear at the top of your list of recent Tweets and be selected)

Set a total budget – I put in £10 as I have no idea what will happen next and whether this will be spent in seconds, minutes, hours or weeks.

Set a daily maximum – I again put in £10.00 – dare-devil 🙂

Like with Google Adwords, Pacing Options allows you to stagger this spend or just blow it all at once in 15 minutes.

Enter the total amount you are prepared to spend per engagement – Cost Per Click I guess – £1.15 was suggested to me so I will drop that £0.30 to see what happens and after all I am from, Yorkshire.

The hit “Save Campaign”

Twitter Ads Page 4

Twitter Ads Page 4

Select “Save Campaign and Add Payment Method” (if this is your first time)

Twitter Ads Page 5

Twitter Ads Page 5

Select Business or Personal – in my case Business.

Enter your business details then hit “Save Tax Information” – This took a few seconds to save which worried but then did finally finish and go to the “Add New Payment Method” page.

Enter your credit card details (NO PAYPAL???) – Hit I agree to Twitter Advertising Terms then Proceed to Confirmation.

Check your card details and hit “Save and Launch  campaign” to get going.

All finished off with a quick survey.

I like it – I really like it – I really really like it.

If it works – then I am n Love!