It does not work on iPhones and everyone has an iPhone – don’t they?

I thought I would try anyway so recently bought a very cool piece of kit that allows me to broadcast my own Bluetooth marketing campaigns to anyone listening. Personally, I don’t accept Bluetooth message from anyone and rarely have Bluetooth activated on my phone because it kills the battery but recently I have been leaving it on because I have paired it with the stereo in my car and it is easy to just leave it running than to be constantly turning it off and on etc…

Anyway, I bought a BlueTooth USB dongle from and had it delivered within about a week (probably my fault because I used PayPal). Upon receipt I tore open the packaging and read through the instructions which is unlike me but then it had cost me almost £100 so I thought better do it properly.

It was important I read the instructions first because I was told to go online before inserting the dongle and download the software – which I did, this took forever and I kept waiting for everything to crumble but it didn’t – within about 3 hours I had everything downloaded and installed on my laptop.

I inserted the USB dongle and waited whilst my laptop burst into life – applications opened, messages appeared – eventually I was ready to create my first campaign.

A Bluetooth marketing campaign is made up of several gif images, when played one after the other they become known as an animated gif – the recipient strolls past your device with Bluetooth activated on his mobile and receives a message with a header – if interested by the subject line of the message he accepts it and the dongle then sends through the animated gif using Bluetooth – if now interested in receiving further information the recipient can contact you using the contact details on your ad.

I have just created my first ad by copying my Google Adwords display campaign using SnagIt and have launched the campaign – my office is on Greek Street in the centre of SoHo I can see that a device has been discovered and that the dongle is attempting to deliver the campaign. How exciting is that – I wonder if the phone will ring???