#IoTDinner London June 28th 2016 – The future of the user interface in the home and beyond

June is going to be crazy busy, not only do we have events in Warsaw on the 14th and Berlin on the 16th (which I am riding to on my motorbike) but we also have two public events in London starting with the #IoTDinner on the Tuesday the 28th followed by the #engagORSDinner on Thursday the 30th June.

At the #IoTDinner we will be focusing on the future of the user interface in the home and beyond as our theme and what we need to do to prepare for the forth-coming shift from touch to voice and beyond.

At the #IoTDinner in May with James Akrigg from Microsoft we looked at HoloLens and how Mixed Reality will change the way we see the World around us, now we move on to look at how we will interact with that developing World.

echoThis is a significant shift directly relevant to manufacturers and developers.

Over the last three decades we have travelled from the keyboard to the mouse and touchpad, to the touchscreen and more recently to voice.  Indeed, in a recent publication “Mary Meeker’s 2016 internet trends report” Mary suggests that typing into a search bar is very last year and that in only five short years, at least 50 percent of all searches are going to be using either images or speech.

As consumers become more comfortable with the speed and ease of using voice as the interface how will manufacturers react and how will these changes affect the applications that run on these devices?

How will Amazon Echo, Siri and other systems develop?  What will they allow us and our customers do?  What are the opportunities?  How will manufacturers like Samsung develop mobile technology to take full advantage of voice?  We hope to answer all these questions and more.

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#engagORSDinner London 30th June 2016 – Getting Your Business Oversubscribed with Daniel Priestley

We swiftly move on to the #engagORSDinner with Daniel Priestley on Thursday the 30th June.

Daniel started out as an entrepreneur at age 21 and built a multi-million-dollar event, marketing and management business before the age of 25. A successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK.

Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley – entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author

Having a passion for global small business, Daniel is the co-founder of Dent Global which runs world-leading business accelerators and events. Dent has teams in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, and they work with over 1000 entrepreneurs and business leaders each year to develop their businesses.

As an active fundraiser, Daniel has helped to raise over £350,000 for various charities, and is connected to some of the world’s most known and celebrated entrepreneurs and leaders. In 2016, he was listed in the Top 25 of the Smith & Williamson Power 100 which shines a spotlight on the influencers who champion and most impact the lives of entrepreneurs.

A product or brand reaches a level of being “oversubscribed” when there are far more buyers than sellers. It’s when demand massively outstrips supply. It’s when many more people want something than capacity allows for. This talk is designed to give you a recipe for becoming oversubscribed, and introduce the underlying ideas that drive this phenomenon.

Successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author Daniel Priestley, will be sharing the seven philosophies businesses must live by to stay oversubscribed, why sharing your ideas with your market increases demand, what role you should play in your business and why turning away potential clients sets you up for success.

If you are a member of digital entrepreneur and would like to book your ticket please use the following link otherwise register here to see full details.