I have been asked by 2 of the 4 people I imagine are actually bothering to read my blog, to give a little more on my background – here goes Mark. (I do not count my twitter followers as human, just yet)

Whilst I am thoroughly enjoying Paul Carr’s book “The Upgrade” I am only up to page 216 and so far he has been drinking since word 6, paragraph one – this is of course pretty cool to most but for me it just would not work and is quite frankly making me feel slightly sorry for him – as I am only up to page 216 of course anything could happen and as I do not know Paul he could be a very different person by the end of the book. Eitherway, it has me laughing out loud on trains and in restaurants which is a great feeling and an excellent way of promoting his book.

Similar to Paul however I am living in hotels, or should I say one hotel in particular, in London. I pay £90 per night for a standard double room including VAT so about £72 after I claw back the VAT. I stay 3 nights a week, every week whilst striving to come up with the next Facebook and become an internet quadrillionaire. I have rented a small office on Wardour Street in SoHo and have put together a small company that makes just enough profit to pay those involved and all of my “in town” expenses whilst I focus on bigger stuff.

I do not draw a salary – that comes from a company I started years ago from my spare bedroom in Tooting – it is now run by my brother who does a far better job than I ever did and now pays me to stay away (in a brotherly kind of way). This chain of lucky events has left me therefore able to follow my calling and chase the quadrillions I know are waiting somewhere. To appease my brother I have promised him half of these quadrillions which, when they finally come through should be quite a good deal.

Unlike Paul Carr however I am lucky enough to have a family in Yorkshire and so try to juggle my life in London with my responsibilities back home.

I assured my family and business partner that this whole process would not take any longer than 2 years when I first set out in November 2010 and I started this blog to chart my progress and allow others to read about it. At first I blogged about stuff that I thought was relevant but did not get very far, I then began blogging about the network of people involved in Digital Entrepreneur and began to make a little head way and now blog about a mixture of the network of people involved and my more personal experiences.

Because I do not have a column in a newspaper to keep my blog in the black, Digital Entrepreneur charges £30 a month for members although the blog bit is free and in return members get to meet each other for dinner once a month somewhere in London, all arranged by yours truly. Anyone can become a member but membership best suits like minded individuals that have started companies from scratch, are looking to share stories, network and more importantly do deals with each other.

It is Monday morning and I am currently on the train heading to London from York having just got back at 10pm on Sunday night from supporting my newest project, Euan Hankey, Porsche Carrera Cup racing driver, at Knockhill in Scotland – he came first, so if I can’t raise him a few hundred grand to win in Europe next year then I must be doing something wrong – so if you have a few hundred grand to spare, want to get your brand infront of 15 million viewers and generally have a blast 8 weekends a year then go to www.euanhankey.com.

More on Germany, car racing, dot com quadrillions and why I sold my 911 for a 15 year old Mitsubishi Pajero later.