Digital Entrepreneur, one of the UK’s most focused and innovative digital business clubs, has announced a small but significant event; its first Bitcoin transaction for the clubs forthcoming club dinner on 26th March 2014.

Bitcoins are a peer to peer payment system that originated in the digital industry in 2009 and are proving to be increasingly popular.

The payment was made by Digital Entrepreneur member, James Barrington Brown of, as his fee for the next club dinner on February 25th.

Duncan Gledhill, founder of Digital Entrepreneur, commented “I wasn’t surprised to receive our first Bitcoin payment but it is quite exciting nevertheless. All our entrepreneurs live, breathe and transact in the digital world so the growth in Bitcoin payments is a demonstration that the concept of cyber-currency is hopefully here to stay.”

Becoming a member of Digital Entrepreneur is tightly controlled to ensure that both existing entrepreneurs and potential digital innovators have the most concise and targeted information possible. The criteria to be a member is clear;

  • The entrepreneur started the business from scratch
  • That business now generates £1M+ revenue – which has to be recorded and demonstrated
  • As an individual or organization you see digital commerce methods as critical to expansion and continued success.

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Duncan Gledhill

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