It looks like Facebook spotted Google+ coming over the mountain a while ago, sent out their trailfinders to see how the market would react to a float and are now making for the valley for the shootout at noon.

Who will win?

First lets look at who is fighting, is it Google+ and Facebook or is it Google and Facebook? Lets face it, if it is Google+ that looses its grip then Google will probably follow… so…

– Google has money (so now does facebook)
– Google has lots of users (so does facebook)
– Google is loved by people (so is facebook, if not more than google)
– People trust google (people trust Facebook more)

oh dear, this is not going so well is it…

Could we really see Google implode? How will we know who is winning? We could look at users , earnings etc… I think we should measure it in time – how much time do we spend on each platform. We only have so much time in our day, we only have so much time to spend duplicating everything – eventually one will have to give. Only time will tell.

It is however critical that Google+ continues to grow sharply, a jitter in its growth of users could suggest a peak.

D.M.W. Gledhill