This process works for me… Before starting you must create an account with Google+, to do this check out my tutorials section.

1) I uploaded 322 contacts into my personal account on Google+.
2) Google+ sent all these people a notification informing them that I had added them to a circle – this notification was sent by email to those that did not have a Google+ account by Google+, not me!
3) I then created a Google+ page for Digital Entrepreneur on the Google+ network.
4) I then went into my Business Page>Profile and clicked on “Share this Page” and selected the contacts circle on my personal Google+ account.
5) I then created a blog post providing relevant information I thought my contacts would be interested in and uploaded a link to the page on my website.

I then monitored the hits to my site using Google Analytics.

I am refining the whole marketing piece behind this – the information must be relevant etc but it worked for me, my site got hits and people downloaded my content about GLOOP and so on.