When I got home on Friday night my wife told me that my daughter had somehow managed to transport our lawn from the garden to her bedroom on the soles of her new shoes but not to worry as she we had called someone to come and clean the carpet.

Phil arrived and started work on my daughters carpet straight away. He asked me in a general way what I did for a living and I replied that I was in “marketing” – he then asked me if I could build him a website on “Google” – straight off, no messing… I like Phil.

At first I must have appeared to be a little dim – did Phil know about Google+ Business Pages already, even though most of my peers are yet to understand it? After a short chat it struck me that Phil thought Google was the internet, not just a list of websites on the internet.

When I asked him about Facebook he told me not to worry as he had already done that and was number 1…

Phil considered Google to be the internet and Facebook to be something else.

What is Facebook if it is not the internet? Or is Phil just wrong?