#engagORS dinner, London 29th October 2015 – https://goo.gl/1iU7J9

For some time #engagORS have been on a journey, a journey in to the world of social media for business.

As social media is still a relatively recent phenomena there are few rules however certain people have studied what works across the networks and what doesn’t.

Naturally, most of us consider the size of our audience to be crucial, after all there is little impact if no one is listening to us.  Then on the road to ROI, we learn that volume is less important than quality – as they say, “It is not what we know, it is who we know that matters”.

Once we have our audience growing we might then ask ourselves the point of all our efforts, after all tweeting regularly can be time consuming and can make the head hurt.

This is where the ROI becomes crucial and we might find ourselves asking “how do I track the ROI on my social media activity?” or “What tools should I use to track the ROI on my social media activity?”.

Nicky Kriel, has been training people (over 1,000) on social media since 2010 covering most of the major platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and successfully published “How To Twitter For Business Success” to help business owners understand Twitter – this book received over 60 5* reviews on Amazon.

At the October #engagORS dinner we have invited Nicky to speak about how we track the ROI of our social media activity, what tools we use, the tips and tricks and how we might get started when we need to make sure it all adds up.

If you would like to join us on the 29th October 2015 then use the following link to book your ticket for a relaxed evening with Nicky and your fellow #engagORS.