About 2 weeks ago I received an update to my facebook page from a friend talking about how addicted she was to Pinterest. I then tried to download Pinterest that night to my iOS device but it said I already needed an account in order to get it working, so it would not work.

The next day I went to the Pinterest website to sign up but the site said I couldn’t – it did however say that my name would be added to a waiting list and I would be informed as and when I could join the service.

Since that moment I have been wanting to join, if for no other reason to see what all the fuss is about but I can’t and that is leaving me feeling ***** off!

As a digital marketeer I realise that this is clever marketing but could it work for all brands – Pinterest have apparently reached 10 Million U.S. monthly uniques already which is faster than any standalone site – EVER!

We call this the hockey stick moment and apparently it is all down to 18-34 year old upper income women from the American heartland which coincidentally describes friend perfectly.

Techcruch state that according to comScore, the average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site. The only sites with more user time are Tumblr at 2.5 hours and Facebook with 7 hours.

What sparked the hockey stick moment for Pinterest? Is anyone here using it? If so, tell me what it is all about, please…