My drive home takes around 30 minutes – from my seat in my office to the door of my house.

Up until recently I would spend that time making telephone calls to people I had been meaning to call but had not been able to – however, there is a small town called Thornton Dale that I pass through on my way home where there is no mobile/cellphone range whatsoever and for about 10 minutes I loose the call.

About 2 months ago I discovered podcasts – podcasts last about 10 minutes although some are longer and others are much shorter, on average they last about 10 to 12 minutes. I began listening to these as I drove through Thornton (my little blackspot) but then found myself listening to them as soon as I got in to the car to go home.

Now I listen to them whenever I am in the car and I love them because they are teaching me interesting stuff about topics I am passionate about – mainly digital marketing.

My current love is The Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet – these two guys deliver clever digital marketing tips and tools quickly and in an easy to understand format – so, thank you Daniel Rowles please keep it up.

To get going on Podcasts go to iTunes > iTunes Store > Podcasts > Categories > Business > Select your Preferred Podcast and hit Subscribe. You should already have the Podcasts app installed on your iPhone if you have upgraded to Mavericks and it should automatically sync up your podcasts when you are online so no matter what device you subscribe on they will be available on all your devices.