Does technology like Twitter tell me what is going on or does it make what is going on?

I think it is a bit of both. The problem we have with free press is the abundance of agenda amongst the media moguls – because Twitter is a technology company however they hold no agenda other than to expand their user base.

But isn’t this the same agenda of a newspaper? Yes, but most newspapers have had an increasingly high cost base and as a result some have been chasing the margins by publishing anything that will increase the user base.

So, why haven’t the papers gone online to reduce costs?

They have but they still can’t compete because of the cost of journalism.

So what will happen? At the movement technology has auto-trust – what we read, we tend to believe.

In the future, just like with the newspapers this auto-trust we have for technology will be corrected by something beyond even Twitter.

We will believe it without any cause for doubt, we will share it with others and they too will believe.

Unlike twitter it will not be owned or controlled by anyone but it will have providers that each manage small roles within the framework, it will not be owned by any corporation but it will have the ability to distribute information to the masses quickly and efficiently.

Someone, somewhere is already building a version of it but doesn’t know it yet. They will stumble upon it by accident one evening and then share it with a friend.

Within days we will all be using it to discuss what is coming next.