I am a great believer in reading – I wasn’t always – in fact at school I really struggled with reading and so kept a certain distance from any book of any real depth. Naturally, over the years I learn’t to keep away from books all together.

Then I came across a book that changed all this – it was nothing too much to swallow but oddly enough it was about Shakespeare. I read it whilst on a biker holiday with a buddy.

When I got back home I popped into my nearest book shop and browsed for a few moments before settling on a book that looked excellent. I felt proud to be emerging from a book shop with a book that weighed more than my phone – I felt part of a community. It was great. Soon after I started reading this new book it viciously killed off any and all interest I had gained in reading with a single heavy blow. I could not stand it and quickly threw it on to my Jamie Oliver shelf along with a whole bunch of other books I have that I have never read – I felt I had been defeated at the first hurdle.

A few months later – I was given a book by a friend that I read which brought me back on beam – ever since then I have made a point of reading books that other people that I am somehow connected to recommend – my last read, the “Viral Loop – The Power of Pass It On” brought me to ecademy because it references ecademy as a key business network. I finished this about a week ago and I love ecademy.

What should I read next? I am up for absolutely anything.